Difference Between Parenting Plans and Consent Orders You Should Know

When parents decided to divorce, one of the first concerns they need to pay attention to is to manage and set parents’ responsibilities and parental rights for their children. Children should not suffer more because of the divorce they decided. 

It is very important for parents to maintain a healthy, safe, and dynamic family because their children deserve the best life, they have no matter how hard the parents’ condition is. Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders will be two common elements that parents should manage after the divorce. 

Parenting Plans and Consent Orders are some ways parents can choose to make sure that their family reminds on a positive and being protected. Overall, children become the most hurtful victim of divorce. When you have to face this, you need to understand that Parenting plans and Consent Orders are different. 

The Difference Between Parenting Plans and Consent Orders 

Parenting Plans and Consent Orders

Determining the best option for your family and children, it is essential for you to understand each definition and difference.  Both of them are actually protections for your family while you are deciding on separation or divorce. Here are short explanations for you to understand Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders

1. Parenting Plan 

A parenting plan is an agreement written between parents towards children after deciding to be divorced or separated. This agreement indicates how to care for the children negotiated by both parents. This agreement is legal but it does not need to be formally approved by the Family Court. 

Parenting Plan includes education, healthcare, finance, living arrangement, religion, and emotional support. As long as both parents agree with the points, dated and signed clearly, this agreement is legal. But if both parents cannot agree regarding the best parenting plan, the Family Court will help both parties to reach the best interest of the children.

2. Consent Orders 

A Consent Order is an agreement written formally and legally by the Court that covers parenting arrangements, spousal maintenance, as well as property settlement.  This is the most common agreement while parents deciding separation or divorce. More specifically, this agreement includes living arrangements, visitation, a communication method for each parent, and also education. 

If Parenting Plan does not need approval from the Court, the Consent Order must be approved by the Court because it is a legal and formal form agreement to control and manage parents’ actions regarding the best interest of the children. If one parent does not fulfil or refuse the agreement, they will have consequences. 

Which One is the Best?

Parenting Plan and Consent Order are basically agreements written legally by both parents to protect children’s interests. While Parenting Plan is an agreement discussed and agreed by both parents without any Court approval needed, a Consent Order is an agreement that involves the Court.

Determining which one is the best Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders, you must consider what your family and especially your children really need to achieve the best children’s interests. Do not make your children more suffer by choosing the wrong agreement with your spouse. Contact Vice Legal.

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